Las Vegas wedding and an ASOS dress

Here’s a question; what does one wear to renew their wedding vows here? Yes indeedy readers, next month I’m off for a working holiday to Las Vegas, bringing you up-to-date with why it’s a hot-to-trot fashion destination, as well as geddin’ down with Elvis at the afore-linked-to wedding chapel for a ceremony with a twist (seriously, the photos are going to be legendary).

So over the next few weeks I need your suggestions and input when it comes to the hunka hunka burnin’ question of what to wear (or should that be what not to wear?) So far, I’m thinking either full-length, lace Dolly Parton in the 70s-style gown, or something with fairy lights a la My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding. Or, I could take it seriously and buy something stunning….

Talking of a serious dress, I succumbed to the mink version of the black jumper dress at ASOS I blogged about last week, when we were trying to copy Jennifer ‘new do’ Aniston.

Innit purdy? And perfect with my grey, vintage tights – they wrinkle at the knee, but nothing is perfect. (And PS, do not pay any attention to the fact that my bed isn’t made.)

Written by Johanna Payton