Heidi Range goes red

Must every celeb copy me??
First Cheryl (with a hard “Ch” in my house), then Rihanna. Now Heidi Range is flaming around in a new ad campaign for Gallo Summer Red wine, which is designed to be necked ice cold (me likey!)
I’ve been a pretend redhead, on and off, for years – since my 6th form days, when I wore cherry red Docs and tie dye skirts with bells on the bottom. I started out strawberry blonde as a kid, and loved it. I went darker and darker as I got older, which sets a precedent if you get bored easily, like me.
I’ve had blonde phases, a disastrous experiment with black (never, ever again) and even – perish the thought – been a natural brunette for a few years. Shocking. But red, or should I say ‘intense copper’, is the colour; it makes people stare, old men say things like ‘all right, ginger’ at you, and when the sun shines, it glows. It is a little bit different, on occasion it makes you feel like Jessica Rabbit, and with the right colours in your wardrobe, it’s incredibly fashionable – particularly right now.

So when I’m sipping the cold red wine this summer (I was being laughed at for putting red in the fridge when I was 21 – who’s laughing now??) I shall be going for it with the following colour blocks, guaranteed to rock with red hair…

Electric blue, Boutique @ Topshop £120

Emerald green, Equipment @ASOS £209

Mustard, Henry Holland @Debenhams £15

Hot pink, Topshop £20

Pale blue, Alice by Temperley @ Selfridges £160 (sale)

Images from Gallo, Topshop, ASOS, Debenhams and Selfridges.
Written by Johanna Payton