SJP’s Swedish Hasbeens…now belong to me

Why did no one tell me about Swedish Hasbeens’ diffusion line for H&M??? My fashion spies (and PR mailing list) are letting me down!

Whilst getting my hair re-redded yesterday, I was guilty-pleasuring my way through a pile of trashy mags and finally got with the programme (many thanks to Heat). I’m already a big fan of the contemporary Hasbeen clog, but the delight created by their under-£40 diffusion range for H&M was intensified by photos of Sarah Jessica Parker chipping around New York in a pair. Nothing is more likely to spur me on, purchase-wise, than seeing SJP rock a product I can actually afford.

So followed a three-hour schlep around several branches of H&M (they are sold out online). I almost admitted defeat in Oxford Circus by buying this equally delish wedge pair for £39.99 – if you like ’em, there are plenty left in-store/online and they look fabulous.

But for me, nothing was going to be quite as fabulous as the exact pair SJP owns, and I totally got lucky in Kingston Upon Thames where one solitary pair of size 6’s were left (I’m a 5 and a half but my feet expanded in excitement).

One swift exchange later and I’m now the proud owner of my very own fantasy shoes *sighs*

Written by Johanna Payton