Venus Williams playsuit: respect it

I love, love LOVED Venus Williams’ playsuit on display at Wimbledon 2011 yesterday. How could I not? From the skinny, gold belt to the cross-cape detail through the shoulder blades, this was a look that all tennis fashionistas should take notes from.

The Daily Mail are calling it a ‘fashion disaster’, which pleases me greatly; it’s proof, in case we really needed it, that they don’t know what they’re on about. It wasn’t ‘bizarre’ (erm, try on-trend), ‘floaty’ (it’s called draping, dears) or ‘ghastly’ (in what universe did she look ‘ghastly’???) It perfectly suited her figure and it dared to be different. Stylish, graceful – and she still had enough movement to play her sport at the highest level, breezing through her first round match. I’m so impressed I might even buy me one for my next power walking challenge.

Failing that, here are some tennis-inspired looks & pieces in celebration of a v fashionable start to Wimblers…(if you’re not sporty, don’t forget that Eliza Doolittle wore a Fred Perry tennis skirt at the Isle of Wight festival….)

Satin tennis mini-dress by Stella McCartney for Adidas, £57.50 (sale price) at www.net-a-porter.com
Colour block Karen Millen skirt, £105 at www.asos.com
Asymmetric cape playsuit, £30 at www.boohoo.com

Shorts, £75 and cardi, £89 at www.isabellaoliver.com

Petra dress, £310 at www.libelula-studio.co.uk

Tennis racket chain, £20 at www.annalouoflondon.com
Written by Johanna Payton