Just another manic Monday – with a bit of Cosplay

Brevity shall be my middle name this week. It’s pre-summer holiday chaos round these parts y’see, and as those of you who work and have kids will know, the term ‘juggling’ doesn’t even come close to describing the mayhem that is caused by sports days, summer fairs (otherwise known as 12-hour drinkathons), parents’ evenings, family challenge days (?) and various trips away to pad-out six weeks of full-time childcare. Phew!

All I have to tell you (quickly) this morning is that you have to go to a Comic Con before you die. Yesterday I got to see Doc Brown (“The Libyans!!”) and Lorraine Baines in actual true life – it’s like walking through a zoo of formerly famous people.

I am now obsessing over getting myself a Cosplay get-up. We’ve considered the dead Potters (with son dressed as Harry) but I get the distinct feeling my boy is mortified by the very prospect: He Cosplays alone.

If you don’t know what ‘Cosplay’ is, and you like dressing up, you haven’t seen nuthin ’til you’ve checked out what goes on at these conventions.

Unsurprisingly, the mini Fashion Detective is already getting ’nuff respect from the Cosplay massive:

And this guy has got to be the best Captain Jack Sparrow look-a-like ever – but why he’s hanging around with Bo Selecta Darth Vader, we’ll never know….:
Written by Johanna Payton