Topshop summer sale 2011

In a wild and bedraggled state of extreme Grohl-hangover yesterday (although not intoxicated enough to stop me wearing my beauuuutiful silk Kookai vintage floral tiered dress from eBay’s Fashion Outlet) I dragged myself around the Topshop sale.

As per usual (blame my left field taste) some of the items I’ve bought / blogged over the past coupla months are now available at bargain prices. Perfect for yer hols (it’s a capsule wardrobe, man), here are my picks…

Gypsy midi skirt, £15 click to splurge

Gypsy rock tunic, £15 click to splurge

High low maxi by Love, £22 click to splurge

Butterfly print jacket, £30 click to splurge

70s tile print tunic, £12 click to splurge

UGG clogs, £70 click to splurge

Blossom print trousers, £18 click to splurge

Rose print crop blouse, £12 click to splurge

Bronze scatter kimono dress, £25 click to splurge

Leaf and stone ring, £6.25 click to splurge

In other news, Dave Grohl made my camera seize up (I know how it feels) and I now need a new one.

I wanna put more original pics onto the blog – because I know you’re all dying to see what I wear every day – but I’m too much of a moron to be able to use anything complex. Any suggestions for a groovy point and shoot camera that will make me look like I know what I’m doing?

Images from Topshop.

Written by Johanna Payton