Busy bee

Let me explain why I’ve been such a busy bee of late, and neglecting my lovely blog compared to my usual daily postings.

Well, in addition to holidays and having my mini Fashion Detective in da house, I’ve also been settling in to my new role as head of fashion for stylecompare.co.uk. If you don’t already know the site, it’s a v groovy (and dead useful) price comparison website dedicated to fashion – huzzah!

I’m going to be contributing a weekly blog post for the site’s Style Platform as well as talking to the meeja on behalf of Style Compare about all things sartorial – can’t wait! To give you the gist, here’s my first post on wearing contrast prints.

If that’s not enough excitement, I also popped up in More! mag this week, sharing some top notch tips for selling your gear at eBay.

See left for a taster, but you’ll have to splash out £1.50 if you want to discover the other gems I had to impart…

Yes indeed, it’s been something of a hectic summer.

Tomorrow, I’m going to take myself off for a proper holiday. No t’internet, no blogging – I might even resist the urge to Tweet (we’ll see).

When I return, I’ll be sure to finish off those hot man posts (thinking that should be a weekly feature as the Stephen Moyer date got read more in one day than any other post I’ve writ – who can blame them?) and whoop you up into a frenzy ahead of London Fashion Week.

Until then my lovelies, I wish you Bank Holiday sun and shower you in virtual Champagne….

Written by Johanna Payton