Ian Stuart – theatrical wedding dresses

Flower Bomb by Ian Stuart

The August issue of the Hitched magazine went live this week, with a floral theme, and in the process of researching 10 fabulously floral wedding frocks (it’s a hard life!) I discovered the amazing designs of Ian Stuart, in particular the Revolution Rocks collection, which speaks volumes to me. Yet again, I wish I wasn’t already married.

Unique and statement in every way, the RR collection is bold and beautiful. If you’re getting spliced and you want a dress with touches of boho, tons of drama and a very theatrical impression, Stuart’s designs are deffinitely worth a look.

The dress we chose for the floral issue of Hitched is Flower Bomb, encrusted with beads and crystals, adorned with lace and tulle flowers and with leaves and petals scattered on the chapel train – doesn’t get much more flower-tastic than that.

Beware: Explosive petals

But if you’re not a fan of botanicals, check out the other dresses in this amazeballs collection; I’m seriously loving the ridiculously regal Antoinette (you have to shout ‘let them eat cake’ at your reception if you wear this dress); Jane Austen tribute gown, Darcey, is worth a look if you’re a fan of lace, romance and vintage looks; Costa Rica is beyond flattering if you’re a slender bride; Roulette is fashion-forward and vintage-vibed all at once; Raphaella has the most ridiculously opulent bustle train ever; to bring out the ballerina in you, try Swan Lake for size; and if you want to encapsulate AW11/12’s oversized silhouette in your dress choice for a winter wedding, look no further than punch-packing Vanderbilt.

And don’t even get me started on the equally awesome Paramount and Belle Epoque collections…

Oh, brides! You is soooo lucky.

Seville from Stuart’s Paramount collection

Written by Johanna Payton