Man no3: Bret McKenzie

Man! No time to post this summer at all. Just back from a jaunt to see the family up North where the most exciting shop I went in was M&Co, which is a new one on me. Quite liking the bird print dress in the AW11/12 collection, although the price tag seemed a bit steep; maybe that’s because I was in Driffield and I expect a bargain when I’m back home in the Motherland (Yorkshire).

Now, back to these men – we’ll get there in the end.

Fantasy date no3 is with a funny guy (in the nicest possible way). I LOVE Flight of the Concords (if you ever get chance to see them live, do not hesitate) and have had a major crush on Bret McKenzie for a few years now as a result. Beard? Check. Dark hair? Check. Quirky dress sense? Check check check.

Bret (right) and Jemaine: take your pick (from

On my fantasy date with Bret I would not even be trying to resist copying his dress sense; we’re talking preppy, edgy, cartoon-y and retro. I often try on a polo or printed jumper (I love a printed jumper), or a battered leather jacket, and think of Bret. If I think he’d wear it, I usually buy it. I’m not sure what that says about me/his dress sense, but I’m not making any apologies.

Luckily, AW11/12 is big on Bret-esque style, and any of the below items would be perfecto for what I’m imagining is going to be a wild and romantic hike up a New Zealand mountain (or sommat like that).

Knitted baby dear jumper, £38,

Minkpink Bolivia print poncho, £85,

Vigo leather jacket, £295,

Squirrel motif jumper, £42, and ditsy print capri trousers, £38,

Multicoloured print dress by Biba, £54 at

Flared skirt, £29.99,

Written by Johanna Payton