Get set for Style TV – and the cult of fashion hauling

Ok, bit of crossover here between ‘work’ and ‘blog’ but I am seriously enjoying a new concept that has launched at Style Compare – Style TV. I won’t repeat myself (except to say that if you can’t get to LFW you can watch all the best vids in one place), so here’s a link to my Style Platform blog post all about it.

The bit I really wanted to share with y’all here though, is the fashion hauling aspect of Style TV … have you heard of it?

Honestly, if you thought Daily Mail comments were a guilty pleasure wait until you gerra loada this. Basically, young ladies (!) in their teens and twenties go out and spend their spondoolies on shed loads of fashion gear, then they parade said gear in front of a video cam and post it on YouTube.

Laugh if you will but these amateur fashionistas are getting trillions of hits on their posts. I would need several vodkas and a lot of money before I would make such a film, but then I’m much older (if not wiser) than these girlies.

Written by Johanna Payton