Man no5: Gary Oldman (and I’ve really got a date with him…tonight)

Mr. Oldman: I prefer him without the ‘tache (Ian Gavan/Getty Images for Jaeger LeCoultre)

Sorry kids, we have to take pause from London Fashion Week for a second to consider something very, very important.

Man no5 on my list – the man who has been on it longer than any other – is actually going to BE at an event I’m going to tonight. Yes, I really am dressing to impress the guy who made me fall in love with trim beards, long hair and vampires; Mr. Gary Oldman (just look at this – he had a casket up at his house!!!!)

Yes, it all started there, with his ‘I have crossed oceans of time to find you’ I fell for Gaz (and vampire fiction/films) hook line and sinker.

And of course his turn as Sirius Black did absolutely eff-all to dampen my ardour…

This evening, I’m off to see a very, very special screening of Oldman’s latest film – a movie that has a lot of Oscar buzz building around it – Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy.

And, not to put too finer point on it, Oldman is going too. MAN ALIVE. He’s doing a question and answer session afterwards…so far, all I can come up with is, ‘will you bite my neck for a hundred quid?’

Clearly, I need help. What do I ask him? And, more importantly, what do I wear???

I’ve just bought a very lovely, electric blue, silk blouse by Vero Moda … or do I go with my vamp-instincts and wear a black lace dress with red tights and black heels….

Written by Johanna Payton