A story about my blue suede shoes

I’m fast-learning that planet fashion is an incredibly small one. Being able to share this incredible photo (of my now legendary blue suede boots) goes to prove just that…

You may remember that I bought said boots from Toppers ’cause they were big and bright and everything that the world’s most hideous shoe is not.

Any road, once in my possession these here Adore boots in blue struck me as being one of the most stunning shoes I’d ever attempted to step out in, so I popped them on with mustard ankle grazers and my silky Vero Moda shirt and busted out the look at the last day of London Fashion Week.

It proved to be a hit and the boots turned up (for a split second) in a behind the scenes LFW vid (blink and you’ll miss ’em!) and were photographed by various bloggers and mags – let me tell you, there is nothing more ego-massaging for a fashion writer/blogger than being snapped at LFW. As if I needed the encouragement.

The blouse what did go (just about) with the shoes

But back to the story of this particular photo. So, the first time the boots were snapped was outside The Savoy, on my way to Somerset House. A gorgeous lady with a big, fancy camera stopped me and asked if she could photograph my shoes. I obliged, natch.

Later that evening, back in my office, I followed a link Tweeted by my good friend (and fellow journo/blogger) Kate McAuley (who has just got wed – congrats!!!). It led to the “street views” section of photographer Russ McClintock’s blog. Russ had taken a bonza pic of Kate’s friend. I soon clocked that his other potraits were aces too.

And whilst browsing the pics Russ had taken at LFW, I spotted the girl who had taken that very first photo of my boots – it turns out, she is the v lovely (and talented) photographer and blogger, Michelle Bobb-Parris. Thanks to Russ’ link, and the magic of Twitter, I was able to wave a virtual hello to Michelle, ask for a peek of the pic, and Bobb’s indeed yer uncle.

Clearly, my other half was swayed by the magic of Michelle’s stunning photo because he went out on Saturday and bought a pair of blue suede shoes of his own…worra copyist!

With thanks to Michelle Bobb-Parris.

Written by Johanna Payton