Chanel gets cosy with flame-haired beauty…

Guess which well-known redhead went way beyond fashion-cool at Paris Fashion Week?

It was the lovely Florence Welch of Machine fame. As reported on LOOK this morning, Britain’s very own rock ‘n’ poptart sang her heart out and strutted her stuff on the arm of his Lord Fashion Highness, Karl Lagerfeld. It basically doesn’t get much more high profile than that.

There’s a lot of crap talked about Flo; I put it down to jealousy. She’s a great singer in the Kate Bush tradition and her style is brilliant and unique. She’s not conventionally beautiful and that just makes her even edgier and more impressive, given the style giants she has won over. And that slightly baggy, embellished body she wore in the vid for You’ve Got The Love will always give me goosebumps. (Plus, doesn’t she have the most adorable copper-coloured hair? *wink wink*)

As for the Chanel show. My my. You’ve gotta love this iconic label, man. The dreamy ‘under the sea’ themed display in Paris (complete with shells and bubbles) is couture at its very, very best; the timeless cuts, mega feminine tailoring and cheeky ruffles have made me swoon. I’m now longing for Paris (and a million pounds to spend there).

And if you loved Caggie Dunlop’s little white dress, wait until you gerraloada some of these babies…

Image from Look.co.uk.

Written by Johanna Payton