Exclusive TOWIE pics: Jessica Wright’s boutique launch

First up, a confession: I’m not a regular The Only Way Is Essex viewer.

Second, an admission – after spending an evening rubbing shoulders with these guys, I can tell you they are the nicest, sweetest bunch of folks you will ever down shots of warm cider soup and onions with.

So, why was I hanging out with a set of reality TV legends? Well, TOWIE star Jessica Wright has opened a mighty fine boutique in Loughton, Essex (where else?) selling her line of LOVE Label clothes and tons of sexy (not – I hasten to add – tacky) undies. It’s called With Love, Jessica.

For more info on the clothes ‘n’ knickers, tune in tomorrow. For now – how about some hot off the press TOWIE pics? Mine are even betterer than The Daily Fail’s – but look closely at their coverage and you’ll spot me lurking in the background of Chloe’s shot. Reem! (I still dunno what that means)

Essex gels pose
Lauren Goodger helps Jessica celebrate
Check me (looking startled) and Jessica (looking tanned – and gorgeous)
Sam Faiers poses in one of Jessica’s very appealing LOVE Label dresses
Arg turns up to, erm, mix it up!
Billie looking fab in another one of Jessica’s frocks
Ahhhh – star guest, Nanny Pat
Nanny Pat with her girls
We ate posh fish & chips
And cupcakes
And we backed cider soup shots
Rose cuddled up to Arg
And we had lots of lovely bubbles
At an Essex after party, a saxophonist is a must, appaz
Nanny Pat’s sausage plait – highlight of the night
Off we go, back to Kansas

All images owned by Johanna Payton. All rights reserved.

Written by Johanna Payton