New label love: Fleur B

There’s nothing I like better of a Tuesday morning than tantilising you with a hot new label. And Fleur B is right up my alley (oof!)

Designed by Fleur Bird, co-owner of Feather & Stitch London boutiques, the debut capsule collection is a mega mix of vibrant prints, preppy style and magnificent maxi dresses.

With my penchant for boho, I am definitely going weak at the knees for the silk printed maxi dresses (£350 a pop) – and obvs I can never resist a green dress of pretty much any description.

Fleur B, £295

The collection, which also includes silk blouses and a v. luxe wool suit, launches mid-November and will be available in the Richmond and Chelsea branches of Feather and Stitch, as well as online from November 28th. Start saving girls!

Fleur B, £350

Images from Fleur B/Feather and Stitch.

Written by Johanna Payton