Fashion Detective vs Flat Shoes – can they ever look good on girls?

Mr. Fashion Detective has been wearing desert boots for knocking on 20 years. It’s one of the more superficial things that attracted me to him (although, in my younger years, I was known to wriggle out of relationships for lesser crimes than a man wearing slim, shiny shoes that reminded me of mice).

I have looked enviously at the man’s signature shoes over the years. He used to buy two pairs for a tenner from Shoe Fayre and would look a million bucks in them. Being a short arse (I’ve been telling the world – and medical profession – that I’m 5ft4 for years, but this is based on nothing more than wishful thinking) I never thought in a zillion that I could get away with them, and being obsessed with looking glam (pfffft), doesn’t bode well for the likelihood of me wearing flat shoes.

But then two things happened. I came across the shoes I’m wearing above; grey desert boots for ladies from Bonprix – only £34.95 (and coming back in stock, so hold tight if you fancy some). I was desperado for them to work and after careful consideration, with skinny jeans and a tee I reckon they do.

Mr. FD says he likes the “mod” look on me (!) but what about wearing flats with my usual quirky, vintage-style dresses and skirts??

Every woman and her poodle has a pair of pointed shoes from Topshop but – in spite of the comfort factor – I feel so un-me in them. Maybe I just need to embrace a bit of granny chic…

Definitely not convinced!

Written by Johanna Payton