Faux fur jacket from Label Lab at House of Fraser – purchased before breakfast

Here’s a little insight as to how my mind works. I’ve been obsessing over big fur collars on coats thanks to the Caggie post I did, and trawling eBay for a similar style to no avail (in my size, anyway).

Simultaneously, I’ve been lusting after the coat above and below, as featured in Westfield’s AW11/12 fashion campaign – constantly tantalising me from the side of London buses. It also has a big furry collar. And it comes in my size.

Thanks to a print ad in Vogue, I deduced that the coat in question is from Label Lab at House of Fraser and (joy upon joy!) it is reduced from £115 to £69. Get. In.

Mine was ordered tout de suite. Before breakfast, even. More rash than usual, even by my standards, but perhaps it’s because I’m not very well this week (*moans to evoke sympathy*).

Whatever the reason for my impetuous purchase, did I do good?

Label Lab at House of Fraser, £69 (sale price)

Images from House of Fraser and Westfield.

Written by Johanna Payton