Ollie Locke wears classic Union Jack suit at Made in Chelsea reunion party

Come on, hands up who cringed their way through the Made in Chelsea end of season reunion party? Man, it was so awkward I actually didn’t make it through the full hour. Not sure that exposing some of the relationships and dramas to be more real than we suspected (or perhaps gruesomely overacted under the glare of studio lights?) was for the best. Thumbs down.
Ollie Locke, of course, was playing it low key (!) in a Union Jack suit – and I thought a nice pic of said signature Locke look would cheer you up on strike day….

The full-on three piece red, blue and white number reminded me (very happily) of Gabriella’s classic lookalike video. Good times.

If you want a Locke look for your own self (or for your next video tribute to an ex), Ollie’s suit was created on a bespoke basis (natch) by A Suit That Fits, where you can design a suit to fit your frame, budget and personal style starting from £200 – the ultimate Christmas present, surely?

Screen grab from 4oD. Ollie Locke image from A Suit That Fits.

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Written by Johanna Payton