Remember Cheryl Cole’s ‘Quality Street’ pink and purple X Factor dress…?

Cast your minds back, people, way before wild-child Frankie Cocozza broke that elusive golden rule (I think he ate snacks and got wet after midnight); before Kelly “attitude” Rowland was wagging her finger at the nation; back to the very start of Louis Walsh’s all-too-public descent into madness (he really needs to put a sock in it)…

Think back that far and you may remember the heady days when X Factor was all about One Direction’s one piece’s (!), Cher Lloyd’s trousers and Katie Weasel’s eccentric eyelashes (and a nice nude dress, to be fair).

The good old days: There was so much anticipation when the judges came through those doors

Sadly, X Fashion has changed. Janet’s quirky style is sort of appealing, but her shambolic stage presence takes the edge off. As a whole, the show’s wardrobe is too theatrical and far-removed from real fashion – come back Grace, all is forgiven.

But last year….oh, those pretty dresses! They were so memorable. So much so, in fact, that the second I saw Littlewoods’ party dresses for Christmas 2011, this Forever Unique prom dress jumped right out and gave me a funny turn.

It is so reminiscent of Ina Soltani’s pink and purple dress, as worn by Chezza on the show. But, putting a new spin on the look, I’m liking the handkerchief hem and asymmetric shoulder.

Forever Unique at Littlewoods, £230

Screen grabs from Product image from Littlewoods.

Written by Johanna Payton