Styling it up for eBay: Exclusive eBay fashion blogger event

Last night was full of big fun as I was down the sexy W Hotel in Soho for an exclusive (get me!) eBay event

Although I was in attendance as eBay’s fashion blogger, I was also there to fly the flag for Fashion Detective, proving that where there are clothes and accessories, I can make a ker-ay-zee outfit out of ’em. (Do excuse the very pale face above – I told you I wasn’t feeling well. I think I’m actually paler than when I was disguised as a vampire!)

So, the clothes…

The idea behind the event, which was to celebrate the launch of eBay’s Winter Wardrobe Collection, was for me and around 25 other fashion bloggers to immerse ourselves in some of the cutest pieces from the winter Outlet collection, styling it up with vintage accessories from eBay.

We were challenged with creating a look that captured the eBay spirit (come on, you’ve all seen the billboards) in just under an hour. The winner was the lovely Alexxsia Elizabeth from My Labyrinth, who styled-up a very classy Victorian-inspired look.

Me, on the other hand…

I went for my usual madcap approach with a swallow print dress by Pied a Terre @ House of Fraser, £22.50, and faux fur gilet by Savoir @ Very Clearance, £19. The belt was my crowning glory.
Loved these shearling lined boots to bottom end the look
I couldn’t believe no one else had baggsed the floppy hat!
It added just the right amount of zing – and contrasting colour – to my look
I had to stop myself from pinching this vintage necklace
I say again, the belt was the best bit
It’s boho heaven – or hell?

The final look
Taking my li’l place on the mood board
I needed a nice lie down after all that excitement

Written by Johanna Payton