Jesy Little Mix – and those gold leggings, X Factor final, December 11th

You know, in the New Year one of my resolutions is going to be “stop talking about branching out into styling and actually do it”. And if I do, I can tell you that my “victims” would never be subjected to the sort of ridiculous styling seen on last night’s X Factor final.

If a young girl – no matter how talented a singer she is – is being torn apart on Twitter and other (anti)social networks on account of being “fat” (she’s not) and “ugly” (she’s just not conventionally pretty), why would a stylist think it was a good idea to put her in camel-toe-tight gold lame leggings on national TV? Talking point? Yes. Unabashed cruelty? Absolutely. Particularly given the unflattering “up the skirt” camera angle those girls have been subjected to every week. I saw more of Jesy Nelson’s “shape” than I ever wanted to last night – poor lass.
Jesy Mix could look absolutely brill with the right styling – she can fly the flag for “normal” girls everywhere and I hope she doesn’t change too much (i.e. starve herself) now she’s post-Factor. I also hope that whoever works with the band now they’re out of the circus makes the right fashion choices, especially for Jesy…she really deserves it.

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Written by Johanna Payton