Meet boy and girl band NVS (with video) – plus Lemar (Lemar!!)

NVS: Yes, it’s pronouced “Envious”

So, Robbie Savage. How on earth did I get my hands on him, eh?

Well, it all kicked off (geddit?) down at the May Fair Hotel where I’d been invited to see an exclusive performance by a new boy/girl band, NVS. The gig was a little warm-up ahead of a big support slot on tour with The Saturdays. They have lots of young, impressionable fans so I promise to behave myself in this post. No swears.

Because I’m so hungover (imagine that!) let me tell you the story of the evening in pictures (and do read on for a special NVS video treat…)

My partner in crime for this occasion was the lovely Sarah; editor, chef, fabulous friend – and wonderful wearer of Topshop blouses
We drank readymade cocktails from New Zealand called VnC – not sure the natural fruit juices have made my hangover any less severe, but they are v tasty!
Yes – it’s Lemar. I told him I might faint when he put his arm around me for the pic and I spotted real fear in his (amazing) eyes. He’s bloody lovely, anyway. I’m wearing a vintage sequin top with a goldtone necklace from Curiosities of London if anyone cares (I only care about Lemar)
Liz McClarnon introduced the band
NVS take to the stage – this leather-clad lovely is Harri
The band sound a bit like JLS with a Saturdays twist
There’s a lot of dancing – I was knackered just watching them
I have my eye on Tess fashion-wise – definitely style queen of the band
This is Rio…
…and this is Brett (EDIT: with Declan in the background – I got in Twitter trouble for not giving him a namecheck – sorry, Declan!)
Michelle Heaton (and bump) was in the audience – she told me she was straight off home to put her feet up (when I was that pregnant I wouldn’t have made it off the sofa in the first place!)
I wonder if Liz McClarnon was taking style tips from Fashion Detective when she chose this outfit…like me, she’s into a nice gold sequin dress
Tess looking stunning post-performance: She’s wearing a playsuit by Little Mistress with a River Island necklace (that I might have to copy), jacket by Full Circle and Lou Lou studded shoes
A couple of cocktails in and Sarah was (easily!) convinced to pose with Lemar – ooh, we are such fan girls!
Getting cosy with Rio from NVS – such a sweetie (him, not me)

Post gig I discovered that Sarah was hiding some freshly-purchased shoes in her bag – they are by Kate Kanzier and I want some!
Looky – ain’t they pretty?
Down in the May Fair Bar we ordered Champagne cocktails…
…and I accosted a lovely lady called Jane who was wearing what I thought must be a designer blouse (£10, Primark)
And you already know how the night ended (fnar) but I just had to post this pic again

Here’s NVS in action, having an acapella Christmas sing song…bless!

Written by Johanna Payton