Johanna Payton – that’s me – in Sunday Times Style What Are You Wearing?

Open your eyes, woman!

Remember I mentioned a shoot I was doing a couple of weeks back for a v posh Sunday magazine? Well, I’m only in today’s Sunday Times Style – go on, give me an “ooh la la”.

I can be found on the last page (next To Mrs Mills – ha), in the What I’m Wearing slot. I’d like to say I was clever enough to have thought of sending them my pic, but it was actually a lovely PR friend who did the deed and consequently I was snapped by the ace photographer, Richard Morris Pushinsky, for the mag.

On the day (after answering the door to Rick in my dressing gown and rollers – a look usually reserved for the postman) I had big, bounchy hair but the ferocious wind outside soon but pay to that, which is a shame, but the clothes are the focus and I’m pretty happy with the bold & bright, classic Fashion Detective selection I’d made.

Thanks to Rick for a fun shoot (and taking the pic above with my silly purple camera) – and to Sunday Times Style for making a bird very happy on a Sunday.

Photo by Rick Morris Pushinsky.

Written by Johanna Payton