Meet Penthouse and Pavement from lovely Liverpool

Twitter is a hugely useful tool when it comes to my job. From live Tweeting events to looking for case studies and making new contacts, it’s pretty indispensible to me. It’s also a way for new labels and fashion entrepreneurs to make contact, and as more people read the blog (thanking you!) more people Tweet their wares at me, hoping to get some exposure here…

Because Fashion Detective is entirely ad and sponsorship free (for now), I always make a judgement based on my own personal taste. It’s the point, really. And occasionally something really grabs me. When the founder of Penthouse and Pavement Twittered in my direction, I sat up and took notice.

Three reasons; the founder is a mum of three on a start-up mission, she’s based in Liverpool, the dress she showed me (see above and below) is fabulous.

I’m reading Hal Rubenstein’s 100 Unforgettable Dresses at the moment (such a great book – thanks mum!) and one of my faves is Chloe Sevigny’s long black dress by Alber Elbaz for Yves Saint Lauren, as worn at the 2000 Academy Awards. Elbaz tells Rubenstein, “I would never tell a woman to wear a long black dress in Los Angeles…and certainly not to the Oscars. But Chloe Sevingny is not like most women. She is wonderful and she is different…Even in black she can make an amazing impression.”

When I saw this one shoulder dress by Penthouse and Pavement it brought that quote to mind; it’s a simple, elegant dress – put it on the right woman and it will absolutely sizzle.

Penthouse and Pavement is a label in its early stages, but I hope to bring you more news about it soon (along with the website link, when it’s ready). Maybe I’ll even get to see the dresses for myself when I’m in The ‘Pool next month…

Images from Penthouse and Pavement

Written by Johanna Payton