To onesie or not to onesie?

I’ll be honest, I’m not all that good at being fashionable in January. I just went out shopping to (gulp) Primark in Tooting, looking for socks and tights (slick), and found myself (hair thrown into a bun, midi dress and biker boots, virtually no make-up – it wasn’t pretty) in the nightwear section.

Perhaps it’s a January thing, perhaps it’s the fact that my gorgeous friend Rose spent the whole of her Christmas in one (or looking forward to the next time she could put it on), but I found myself looking out for a “onesie”….

If you don’t already know, a onesie is a giant romper suit for grown ups, similar to the style One Direction used to knock about in when they were X Factor contestants *shiver*

And my pal Rose obviously isn’t the only one who has taken to lounging in the most uber-comfy domestic attire since the slanket – Primark had sold out of every single onesie going. I had to settle for a pair of flannel, monkey-print PJs (clearly, there’s not any action on the cards in my bedroom this weekend).

The Dalmation-print onesie pictured above is the one that appeals to me most. It’s by Topshop, but it’s no longer avaialble on the website (although I did spot a couple left in Debenhams Clapham Junction Topshop concession last week). My only option now may be to buy it off a man via eBay – he used it once, for a fancy dress party. No comment.

So is everyone in a onesie right now? Is this a craze sweeping the nation? I’m still just not sure about it. I sort of want one to sit around in – but I get a bit edgy in anything less than a full blown outfit, unless I’m actually in bed.

Maybe this (sort of) girly one by Sorbet @ Very is the answer; it’s a little bit stylish, and a little bit less novelty than the ones I’ve seen so far. But then, I’ve been told that the fleecy feel and (optional) animal feet give one’s onsie that certain somethin’ somethin’…

What do you reckon? Is the onesie a must-have for winter, or fashion no-no?? I need to know…

Images from eBay and Very

Written by Johanna Payton