Welcome to 2012…

Why is Emily Scott from I’m a Celebrity in my kitchen? Pfffft.

A very merry and happy new year everybody! And a huge thanks to all who have read and supported the blog this year. Writing this thing really is the bestest part of my work and I promise to bring you even more fun, laughter and wonderful fashions in 2012.

Here’s how we celebrated….

It’s only I’m a Celebrity 2011 winner Dougie Poynter, complete with tattoos
Voting lines are now closed, but if you do call, you may still be charged.
Jungle Queen Stacey Soloman in da house
A convincing Mark Wright…or a v lazy lazy fancy dress attempt?
I can confirm that Emily and Mark did get it on at this party…
The obligatory Iceland spread – oh, how we partied like celebrities with our Banoffee Bites
Cosmo on tap…mmmmmmm
Dougie goes “bug bobbing” Bushtucker Trial stylee
A slightly moist Dougie with his winning sour snake
Fatima Whitbread counts down to midnight
Here’s to staying up waaaay past our bedtimes
What better way to wind down at 1am?
Perhaps this will be my new look for 2012…
Written by Johanna Payton