When Fashion Detective went to Westfield Stratford City (and discovered Tap East)

Ooh readers. What a day it’s been today, at Westfield Stratford City. I’m pooped, if I’m honest, and slightly giddy after my first alcoholic drink(s) since New Year’s Eve, so I’ll keep the slightly squiffy wurdz to a minimum and let the pics do the spraffin’.

But can I just point out that the new, mega wool and faux fur trim coat I’m wearing in the photo above was reduced in the Topshop sale from £125 to – wait for it – £30!!!! My God, it’s the bargain of the century; worth the journey to Stratford for that alone, but what else did we get up to…

First stop if you’re shopping at Westfield with the family, keep the kid(s) happy by calling into the Lego shop…
The “build your own minifigure” feature was a massive hit
It’s serious work, building a mini fig
Hard at work hands
All the shops you’d expect are there…
…and some nice surprises (I also went into The Kooples for the first time ever – expensive and androgynous, but v slick)
In the French mall tradition, there are some fab window installations…
…loved these thigh-high boots by Kat Maconie
Erm, at a shopping centre? A slightly Gaga-esque window
LOL? Are you having a laugh?
After a good old look around, nothing beats a Yo! Sushi bowl of udon noodles
And Yo! is strategically placed right next to Topshop
Yes, those are orange Yo! plates on the ceiling (nice touch)
For afters, you might have an ice cream…
…or a cupcake…
Or a big fat mug of mulled wine at Tap East in The Great Eastern Market (near Waitrose)
Mr Fashion Detective comprehensively broke his “booze-free January” resolution – but when the beer is brewed on site, what’s a boy to do?
Checking out Tap East is one of the main reasons we went to Westfield – it’s run by a friend of ours who seriously knows his bars/ales
You can drink in or buy fabulous beers to take away
You get a huge mug of delicious mulled wine for your three quids – t’was the perfect way to celebrate my Topshop triumph
It’s deffo a family friendly establishment – and one for the serious beer fans who will love the microbrewery (yes, boys, this is a v attractive option for “killing some time” if your missus is raiding the shops for hours…)
I still cannot believe this coat was £30 – pinch me (and tell me why I look like I’ve been Botox-bothering in this pic. I so haven’t.)
And after the shop-a-rama, it was off to a housewarming partay; and yes, that is Rose, wearing her onesie. She is seriously addicted, man. But she doesn’t half wear it well.

If you’d like to visit my mate Rabid Barfly at Tap East you can find details here – say hello from me!

Written by Johanna Payton