Hybrid and OK! Magazine London Fashion Week Party at Jewel

Was the pink streak too much?

Ooh readers. My head hurts. Continuing my one woman mission to keep the fashion scene “real”, last night’s celeb-studded Hybrid re-launch fashion week party (sponsored by OK! Magazine – skillz) resulted in a gigantic hangover and the following misdemeanours:

Saying “Hey up, Strictly’s James Jordan, will you have your picture taken with me mate in a raunchy dance pose?” to James Jordan.

Talking far too loudly about bad cosmetic procedures in a room full of “enhanced” beings.

Drinking too many vodka and wine-based beverages.

A spot of ill-advised Wednesday night “club style dancing”.

My beautiful friend Jane ending up flat on her back in the middle of Jewel after a drunken altercation with a stool (she was laughing her head off about the situation, to be fair).

A Big Mac on the bus home.

Oh dear.

We did, however, meet the fabulous Hania McIntyre from Beau Boutique in Carlisle, and her amazing mum who sure looks good on the dance floor.

We were also rubbing shoulders with the likes of Louisa Lytton, Sarah Cawood, Funda Onal, Josie Gibson and (surprise!) Nicola McLean (told you I was on her “circuit”), but the only thing our photos will really tell you is that we drank far too much and got a bit giddy…

Energy drink? Check. Pink overdose? Check
Too much wine? Check
Cosmopolitans? Check (God, we look like Patsy and Eddie.)
Obligatory awkward celebrity moment: Jane tango-poses with Strictly James Jordan
I got to wear my new-old owl bracelet from Miss Millie in Liverpool – do you love it like I do??
And a new asymmetric dress by Ci Ci London (observe Hania’s mum going for it there on the dance floor)
Written by Johanna Payton