It’s gonna be a Hard Day’s Night: Liverpool

I’m sleeping here tonight: The Hard Day’s Night Hotel, Liverpool

You know I like to be different, so instead of clamouring to get the first peek of Fashion Week, I’m putting my boys first and we’re heading in the opposite direction for a couple of days: We’re off to one of our fave cities in the world – Liverpool.

I’ll be down at Fashion Week soon enough, but before I do I intend to blog heartily from The ‘Pool where I’ll be staying here, eating here and shopping here.

I won’t be having anything to do with this.

And the new camera is firing on all cylinders! OK, it’s firing on auto mode at the moment, but I promise to start tackling the instruction booklet on the train and share as many snaps with you as I can.

New camera is go!

See you up there!

Written by Johanna Payton