My London Fashion Week February 2012 Exhibition highlights

I spent hours traipsing around the London Fashion Week February 2012 Exhibition so you didn’t have to. (Seriously, you get blisters, back ache and Fashion Week ain’t about dressing for comfort.)

Put the kettle on, kick off your killer heels and prepare for a visual assault featuring James Long, Victim, Tatty Devine, Sister by Sibling, JW Anderson, Yang Du, and the marvellous Michael van der Ham…

To Estethica first – Monsoon sponsor the exhibition again and its Love Collection is the business
Guess who was keen on the paisley pants?
Lovely details
Can see this tribal jacket with green jeans…
Need a dress for the Queen’s Jubilee? Check out this ethical beauty by Victim
Or how about the Union Jack skirt?
Simply beautiful ring by Fernando Jorge
Tatty Devine always has some funky pieces to show off
Funky ass hats by Bernstock Speirs
I fell slightly in love with this Swedish jewellery brand – Renaissance Life
Beautiful statement necklaces, and every piece tells a story
This is the little book of dreams…
Each one of the spheres contains a pebble from a Swedish beach – it’s the truth
Creature comforts by Les Nereides
My owl jewellery fetish was well catered for
And if you love a wedge…
Amy and Steph from Style Compare try the paper eyelashes for size
There’s always something spooky at the foot of this spiral staircase
You usually see someone wearing one of these
My God this is scary!
Vassilisa’s fox prints are to die for
Isn’t this lush?
Arooooooo! (Is that what foxes do?)
Also wolves, snakes & jewelled buttons in evidence in this collection
How divine does this Jean-Pierre Braganza maxi dress look?
Furry feet by Camilla Skovgaard
Slightly more wearable designs by Camilla Skovgaard
Colourful and creative: Yang Du’s collection
Choose from giraffes…
…or owls.
The Peridot crew are always one of the friendliest teams at LFW. They encouraged us to try stuff on and talked us through their most popular pieces at the event. This simple jacket was one of the biggest hits: This is the front…
…and here’s the zip up back.
Still not sure if this was a “look” or a novelty act
Only at Fashion Week
Welcome to the funky room. Here’s a dazzling jacket by Hermione de Paula
Beautiful colours, intricate details
Flowers and feathers
More brights and beautifuls from Eun Jeong
This coat, from a collection called “After Flower” is awesome
With white jeans and orange flats…perfection
It’s hard to have a highlight in a such a bold and bright room, but Elisa Palomino’s hot pink velvet ‘n’ feathers number stole the show – I’ll blog about her again soon because the matching coat must be duly bigged-up
It’s your jolly hostess: Won’t you come with me to the NEWGEN exhibition? Always a highlight
Tees adorn the doorway
Appaz, foxes are the new birds – Sister by Sibling agree
SbS: Guaranteed to make your eyes go pop
And you thought my styling was bold! This gorgeous guest browses Thomas Tait’s collection.
Would I wear James Long to go down my local bar and sip cocktails? Hell, yeah.
Snakeskin on snakeskin…on pleats.
David Koma keeps it simple
And my award for most gorgeously green fashion goes to…
NEWGEN newcomer Lucas Nascimento – woo hoo!
Can you see the sparkle?
Another NEWGEN newbie, Huishan Zhang showed this delightfully detailed sheer dress
JW Anderson keeps it bright ‘n boxy
And probably my highlight – master of mayhem, Michael van der Ham
Nobody mixes it up better
Bling-a-ling van der Ham styleee
Had to restrain myself from trying to put them all on at once and running away
Just beautiful
The end.

All images by Johanna Payton – please do not reproduce without permission/credit

Written by Johanna Payton