Zara Taylor does Valentine’s Day: Jewellery with a heart

Think back to Halloween and you might remember a blog post I did on Zara Taylor’s spooky-tastic jewellery? I fell in love with her designs back then (my very lovely mummy bought me the Corpse Bride pendant for Christmas) and have been dying to dedicate another post to her ever since.

Well, it’s Valentine’s Day next week, innit. And not that I’m dropping any heavy hints or anything (Mr. Fashion Detective), but Zara’s gorgeous range of vintage-inspired Valentine-perfect jewellery is ideal for all the lovers out there…

“Locked in Love” gold-plated swallow necklace, £19.99
“Love Me Yes or No” long chain, £15.99
Gold Love necklace, £17.99
Silver Love Letter necklace, £16.99
Look what happens when you open it up…
Peace and Love bracelet, £9.99
Who’s the Fairest of Them All heart mirror charm necklace, £17.99
Antique silver filigree heart leaf earrings, £12.99
Millie Mackintosh wore Zara’s Peace and Love earrings on Made in Chelsea – here’s the chain version, £17.99

All images courtesy of Zara Taylor London.

Written by Johanna Payton