Gossip, rumours, is Caggie Dunlop leaving? Looking ahead to series 3 of Made in Chelsea

Well, I LOVE the trailer for the new series of Made in Chelsea (how much fun must they have had filming that?) and there’s not long to wait because it starts on April 2nd…

Much as I cannot wait to write about all the Made in Chelsea series 3 fashion that is bound to be on offer, as the show starts I will be somewhere over Europe, flying off on holiday. And I’ll miss episode two, too. I couldn’t have timed this more badly could I?

Caggie roller skates in a Vaccines’ themed costume drama – classic

To rub salt into the wound, the gossip re: Made in Chelsea’s third season couldn’t be hotter. Caggie Dunlop is only confirmed for two episodes (erm, that’ll be the two I’m going to miss then). It just won’t be the same without her, surely?

The show hasn’t even started yet, but at the weekend I was sent a photo and request to find out where this gorgeous floral playsuit is from (it’s actually a top and shorts), as worn by Caggie at Celia Kritharioti’s March 2012 fashion show. I’m on the case, readers.

Caggie’s matching shirt and shorts are from Zara – I sooo love them with her pastel yellow jacket and pale purple pumps

There are new cast members for us to suss out too. I haven’t been impressed with Gemma Gregory’s style so far, and Millie Mackintosh eclipsed her pal and cast newbie, Kimberley Garner, when the two wore similar nude dresses at a Haagen-Dazs launch party (look closely in the trailer and you’ll spot Hugo giving Kimberley a little bit of a tongue sandwich – oooh the intrigue!)

And as if one Hugo wasn’t enough, there’s another one – Hugo Empson. Looks like he’s a model, innit (I wasn’t sure if this was him at first, but just look at those eyebrows) – and he’s got less than 500 followers on Twitter right now, so if you want to tell him you love him in advance of the hysteria he is bound to create, I’d do it now, while he might actually be listening.

God I love it all over again and it hasn’t even aired. I wonder if I can watch 4oD in Turkey….

Written by Johanna Payton