High and mighty: The London Eye and Vertigo 42

One of the best things about having folks to stay when you live in London is that you get to go out and be a tourist for the day. And when you’re lucky enough to have a sun-soaked early Spring afternoon at your disposal, the only way is up….

We had no intention of going on The Eye until we saw it all majestic and glistening in the sunlight – my mum had never had the pleasure, so it was too good an opportunity to miss
I always get a bit overawed by this beast of a “ride”
Up we go…
Such an ace view of all the sights, old….
…and new. You can just about see that Shard from my living room, but the view ain’t quite so impressive.
This is the way to enjoy a bright blue London sky
Top o’ the shop
Our fair city

This is one tourist trap that I never get bored of
Time for lunch and a tipple…up there, in Tower 42
Waiting for the lift to take us up 42 floors, to the top
A short walk from Bank or Liverpool Street, Vertigo 42 offers the bestest views of any London bar. It’s pricey, and you need to make reservations, but it’s such an experience. We almost had the place to ourselves, but it gets lively at night, when the lights of the city are sparkling as brightly as the bubbly they serve.
The champagne cocktails alone were worth the ear-popping trip in the lift
A Lychee Bellini and another cracking view of London
I spy St. Paul’s
Charcuterie plates…yumma
On to the cheesecake and Merlot for the folks…
….and a warm chocolate brownie for me
Yes, it was as good as it looked
Once again, cocktail in hand = happy Fashion Detective
I’ll leave you with the amazing view of the City from Vertigo 42

Written by Johanna Payton