Holiday shopping, M&S bikini and strong Weston’s cider at the Octopump beer festival, Westow House

Perhaps you’re lucky enough to be able to wear undies and swimming cozzies from any old store, but when it comes to my smalls, I’m an M&S gal through and through.

About 10 years ago, I bought my fave ever bikini there. A black halter neck two piece with a 70s-style wooden square detail at the centre. I have worn that Mother to death and, thankfully, seeing as I’m off on holiday in a week, I managed to find an updated version (avec stripes) in this season’s swimwear collection. And the youngster got himself holiday ready-steady-go with a cool pair of flame-adorned shades and a must-have swim set.

We were shopping over in Bromley – I’m always partial to a bit of a browse around The Glades. And, as luck would have it, the route home took us straight through Crystal Palace, where our gorgeous friends were waiting in Westow House, a family-friendly joint playing host to the Octopump beer festival this weekend…

El test drives the new sunnies (I cannot extract him from those bloody school shoes)
Scene of the crime, Westow House – a classic Antic pub (think flying ducks on the wall and a Black Keys-laden soundtrack)
The Octopump stall is set out in the main bar
I’m not a beer fan – but Weston’s cider was included in the mix
Two pints of Old Rosie, please! 9% (I’m still buzzing four hours later)
Me and not-so-old Rosie
The live trio was awesome sauce (Mr. Fashion Detective took this, hence the black and white. He hates colour. It’s a wonder we ever married.)
El checks out his new Lego “mini fig” (every trip to the boozer requires some form of bribery, even though his BFF was there). He’s rocking a fab acid skeleton hoodie we found in the Gap Kids sale.

Bikini image from M&S.

Written by Johanna Payton