A day trip to Bodrum, Turkey – market, food, fun, mayhem

We spent a whole, glorious day in the former fishing village (now hipster destination and harbour town) of Bodrum today. A ten minute Dolmas journey (mini buses that run on demand) from our resort, it’s a bustling town with heaps of shops, restuarants, bars, a v. cool castle and (as seen above) Pina Coladas in the shade of the seaside…

Bodrum, Turkey
The harbour is a focal point – and as the boats rock in the breeze, and the call to prayer from the local mosques echo across the bay, you’ll get shivers down your spine
Plenty of the shops sell carpets and traditional Turkish textiles
Bangles galore
The Turkish eye is watching you (from everywhere)
You can’t move for stray cats (and dogs) – or these donut-esque snack stalls
Fashion-wise, choose from cute traditional garb for the girls…
…or bright ‘n bold on-trend pieces for the ladies
I’m so buying harem trousers before I leave
For now, I’ve been raiding the full-on tourist traps
Lily’s already got her Turkish eye bracelet…
…and so have I
Like most tourist-friendly seaside towns, every restauranteur tries to entice you into his establishment, but we settled on Balkan, a fabulous eatery facing the bay at the back; we were happy to let our waiter guide us and devoured grilled garlic shrimp and fried calamari for starters at his suggestion
The Balkan Restaurant do some serious fish and chips; the freshly-caught sea bream was spectacular
I cannot fail to mention the comprehensive cocktail menu – or the sweet & soothing Turkish tea
Always a bonus when El gives an establishment the thumbs up
We’re both tipping the Balkan if you’re ever in town
And to round-off the day, a trip to the indoor market
The focus is on fruit and veg
The market (right next to the bus station) is busy, fragrant and colourful
The strawberries are quite something too
And if you like nuts…
And last but not least, the olives
Reckon I can smuggle some of these home next week?
Written by Johanna Payton