A final word from Turkey – and a fundraising favour for JDRF

Sadly, kids, I’m no longer sat on that there balcony, overlooking the bay – I’m back in my South London office, overlooking the housing estate.

But the sky is still blue and I can now reflect on a wonderful trip that taught me much about Turkey, and myself. I learned that to enter the country you need a crisp £10 note and infinite patience for the airport queues; dill can be used to flavour pretty much everything; I can wear ballet pumps – I just need to grit my teeth; there are more varieties of baklava than colours of the rainbow; Turkish people really are as warm, generous and hospitable in their own country as the ex-pats are in London; I can drink a decent amount of chodka (the new drink sweeping the Turkish nation, thanks to us) before I start to stagger; and to have a bidet built into every toilet is a thing of immense wonder. I want one.

The low point, I lost my green cardi. The high point, I spent a week in a mini paradise with people I love and adore.

One happy family

I really hope you’ve enjoyed the Turkish posts, and if you have (and before we get back to spraffing about who’s wearing what in the third series of Made in Chelsea) may I ask you a BIG favour? On the holiday, our fabby friends Rose and David were doing lotsa swimming; not just to cool down, but because they are in training for a v daunting sponsored challenge – and we need your support.

If you’ve been keeping track of my Turkish adventures you’ll have got to know lovely Lily, a 12-year-old fashionista in the making.

Lily in the pool

Two years ago, Lily was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes after falling dangerously ill. Ever since, we’ve all been doing what we can to raise money for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) which works tirelessly to find a cure.

Lily never moans, never seems outwardly cheesed-off by her condition and copes like a trooper. But it is a huge factor in her life – imagine having to count every carb you consume at the age of 12, and although her insulin pump has been fantastic, it is not an ideal situation for any teenager to face.

Rose and David (and the rest of Lily’s friends and family) are determined to do everything they can to help JDRF identify the cure that could change Lily’s life, and lots of courageous kids like her.

David wears his cause on his chest

On May 26th 2012, Rose and David will don wetsuits and take part in the British Gas Great London Swim to raise money for JDRF – they’ll basically be swimming a mile across the River Thames. Amaze bags. I couldn’t do that and am filled with admiration for them (and our mate Jane, who is also giving it a whirl).

So, if you have any spare cash at all, and fancy sponsoring them, that would be absolutely bloody brilliant – all you need to do is visit Rose’s Just Giving page. And if anyone who reads the blog is kind enough to sponsor them, please mention Fashion Detective when you donate and I promise to pitch in an extra pound for every reader who makes a pledge.

Make me regret it – I dare you.

Rose puts herself through her paces in Turkey (the pool was not warm that day, I can tell you) – she was rewarded for her 30 lengths a day with a chodka at the finish line

Written by Johanna Payton