Akasha Queen of the Damned costume (and will it work in a wheelchair?)

You know me and my vampires? Well, I’m invited to a 40th birthday party on Saturday night with a “Kings and Queens” fancy dress theme, and there was only one way to go….

Yes, indeed. I hatched a plan to be Akasha, from Anne Rice’s third Vampire Chronicles novel, Queen of the Damned.

As you’ll see from the trailer, she was portrayed quite wonderfully by the late, great Aaliyah, and the vampy flick also starred Stuart Townsend as Lestat (hubba hubba). Have a peep:

It’s not an easy costume to put together, or to pull off (especially after a week of all inclusive indulgence) but I’ve already ordered a belly dancer get-up and planned to bling it right up with a heavily embellished tiara and a seriously meaty collar-style necklace.

But disaster struck; yesterday, a bad thing happened to my back. One minute I was unpacking a suitcase, the next I was down on the floor like a sack of spuds writhing in agony. As I type, I’m propped up on cushions in the office chair, dreading the next crawl to the loo, and counting down the seconds ’til I see my doc for an emergency appointment. (Eliott is being an ever-attentive nurse; watching Chipwrecked whilst body popping in a Spider Man costume.)

Will I be mobile enough by Saturday to even get to the party, let alone carry off that bloody costume? Please keep everything crossed for me. I promise to post pics so you can laugh at my spare tyre (it’ll look even flabbier if I have to hire a wheelchair for the evening).

And if you want to cheer me up in the meantime, you could always nominate me for MAD fashion blog of the year…..

Aaliyah image from allmoviephoto.com

Written by Johanna Payton