Bodrum: What we’re wearing…and what we’re drinking

Well, survived our first night (this resort is all inclusive…say no more) in spite of inventing a new drink: Chodka. Vodka and cherry juice – it could take the world by storm, you know.

We’ve also been busting out some holiday looks that I wanted to share with you….

This dress is Louche @ JOY and I love it madly. It has a little bit of a Turkish vibe, don’t you think? I mainly love it because it’s like a hippy-ish dress I spied once in a movie about Gram Parsons; such is my fashion mojo.
It ties with little ropes at the back – and, yes, there are jingly bells involved
Lily’s Topshop horse print jumper looks fantastic with a stripy skirt and when Rose’s back is turned I might be pinching that delish Fashion Union cardigan
May I introduce to you, the Chodka
Cheers, boys (you’ll notice Mr Fashion Detective has gone off-piste with a “Vomegranate”)
And later in the evening…oh, dear
Written by Johanna Payton