Louise Thompson khaki jacket leather sleeves episode 7, Made in Chelsea

Hands up who knew I was going to write about this jacket?

I had to watch episode 6 of Made in Chelsea series 3 twice; once just for the drama (God the awkward moment in the spa – criiiinge) and then again for the fashion. And actually, the fashion was pretty low key last night (unless you count white robes?)

But Louise never lets us down and she did bust out some very attractive jackets. Let’s start with the edgy, khaki green canvas, biker-style jacket with leather sleeves she wore when Millie and Natalie came over to comfort her in her hour of Spencer-Jamie-love-triangle need; it’s a jacket that you can buy right now, should you wish…

Louise rocks the leather in her kitchen

We know by now that Louise is a Zara fan and I’m 99.9% sure that this gorgeous jacket is indeed from the store. At £79.99 it’s definitely a coat you could add to your collection without breaking the bank – and if this p**sing weather keeps up you’ll get plenty of wear from it pre-summer.

Louise wore it well with a plain white tee and leather trousers, but I’d be tempted to sling it over a short pastel dress for a bit of contrast.

Safari jacket with leather sleeves, Zara, £79.99

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Product image from Zara. Screen grabs from 4oD.

Written by Johanna Payton