Amber Atherton gets an iPad gadget for her Flash Trash

If you can get past the utterly awesome dress Made in Chelsea star Amber Atherton is wearing in the pic above (read on for info on where to buy it) you’ll notice that she’s getting a bit tecchy with her iPad.

I point this out because I thought some of the readers out there who have boutiques and independent businesses might be interested in the gadget Amber is using; it’s a clever little device that fits in the end of your iPad or iPhone and allows you to accept credit card payments….

Amber flogging her brilliant bling – the topaz yellow crystal ring she’s wearing is available from myflashtrash.com (£58)

Amber runs the (very cool) jewellery business My Flash Trash  where lots of the jewellery we lust after on Made in Chelsea originates. She wanted a way to accept secure card payments at events and pop up shops and has been roadtesting the iZettle service. Amber says: “Not having a credit card terminal has meant we’ve missed out on business when at trade shows over the past couple of years. We have pieces of jewellery worth up to £800. People don’t carry this type of cash around with them but it wasn’t worth our while to invest in a traditional machine that ties you into long contracts.

“[iZettle] is much slicker than the scruffy looking machines you typically see in shops [and] there are no hidden fees or contracts.”

Well, if it’s good enough for Amber….if you want to know more here’s a little vid to watch.

And if you’re desperate to part with some of your dosh on that kooky little shirt dress Amber is wearing in the photographs, you’ll be needing to check out the Clover Canyon collection @ Oxygen Boutique.

With thanks to iZettle

Written by Johanna Payton