Fashion Detective is blog of the week at Parentdish

Am very proud to tell you that Fashion Detective is blog of the week at the fantastic parentdish site – yay!

Being a parent is just part of who I am, but it is a massive part, and it’s pretty nice to have the peeps at parentdish say: “The truth is that you can be a fashionista and a parent – as our latest Blog of the Week, The Fashion Detective amply demonstrates.”

If you fancy a read of the piece, you’ll find out how becoming a mum made me more interested in fashion and why I’m a great believer in dressing in the clothes that suit you, without worrying about what you “should” be wearing as a mother – or “dressing for your age” (pah!), as well as checking out “my bookmarks” (I love getting asked things that that, although I do go a bit High Fidelity about it).

I should also say that Matt only takes some of the photos on the blog, not most – but as it’s Father’s Day, we’ll let that one slide…


Written by Johanna Payton