Fashion Detective on Radio 1

I’ve been up West this morning, chatting fashion with the brilliant Gemma Cairney on Radio 1 (she was wearing a longline, chocolate brown vintage suede waistcoat with denim shorts, purple tights and black heeled boots btw). If any of the listeners who sent in their fashion questions happen to find the blog and can let me know if the advice was helpful, that would be ace – would love to see your outfits if you have pics.

After coming off air at 9:25am, I could not resist walking straight into Topshop Oxford Street as the doors opened and having a right good rummage in the Peekaboo Vintage sale section…

The pink and purple paisley maxi I bought (reduced to £35!) is just immense.

A sneak peek at the new dress: I have just the party in mind

I also grabbed a cute, 70s midi dress from Peekaboo (and picked up bright purple buttons for it from Wimbledon Sewing Machine on the way home) and from the Love label sale, a pleated green midi skirt. First thing Saturday morning is sooooo the time to get down there and raid the sale.

Now, I wonder how much work can cram in before today’s tennis gets exciting?

Written by Johanna Payton