Going 50s style at the Pepper Saint Ontiod pub

There were lots of outfits I was looking forward to wearing over the Diamond Jubilee weekend but which, largely due to the pissing rain and gale force winds, became utterly unsuitable.

Thankfully, the rain held out for long enough (just) yesterday, to make use of one of my 50s-inspired faves; I wore it to the Teddy’s Tea Time experience at The Montcalm (afternoon tea is dead 50s, innit?). Then I posed for a few piccies afterwards, when we ventured East to the uniquely named drinking establishment, Pepper Saint Antiod

It’s a 50s throwback! You’ll notice that I’m making good use of the Chatham Marine deck shoes – am beyond glad that they work with skirts and dresses
I’m wearing the Emily & Fin “Carrie” polka dot skirt at Oliver Bonas (£45) – particularly apt as my jacket was a pure “copy Carrie Bradshaw” purchase
Getting into the pinball – the upstairs area at Pepper Saint Antiod is full of games (the kids loved it)
I picked the jacket up earlier in the year from Topshop
I love the ribbon and lace detail – it sooo reminds me of the jacket Carrie wears at the end of the first Sex and the City movie, when she reunites with Big in the closet
Downstairs at Pepper Saint Ontiod – doesn’t it look like a film set?
While I was being all retro, El checks out his brand new Spider-Man suit, based on the forthcoming Andrew Garfield version of the Marvel character
El gets into the foosball
This was more interesting than the Spain vs Italy game (for the kids, at least)
A game of checkers went down a treat too (not sure El’s new Spidey mask works as a hat)
Like all Antic pubs, the Pepper is full of oddities – just so you know, Ontiod means “on the Isle of Dogs”
He just couldn’t resist putting it on; his shiny new Spidey suit is from the Disney Store (£20) – he got some fantastic looks on the tube home
Written by Johanna Payton