Happy Jubilee from Fashion Detective

OK, thanks to the pissing rain, it isn’t going to be quite the day we had planned. The glamorous red, white and blue floral sundress I had lined up for the vintage-style celebration in Battersea Park will remain hung up in the wardrobe and the picnic is being shelved in favour of a flask of something hot (preferably a toddy).

But this is Britain! It wouldn’t be a national celebration without murky skies and consistent, thumping rain. I have sartorial contingency plans and about a million people I know are heading to the park to cheer her Madge down the river – we have ways of making the best of it (stay tuned for all the pics).

Plus, we’ve already had one sunny celebration. On Friday, at E’s school, with weather as clement as it usually gets, there was a lovely Jubilee party in the playground. My friend Kate got to rock her exceptional Union Jack scarf from John Lewis (see above) and El got to stuff his face with party food al fresco….

The red, white and blue dress code gave El an excuse to wear his electric blue H&M jeans with his fave Lego Batman top
All the mums got into the Jubilee spirit
And if you want to hide inside today, may I suggest popping into Yo! Sushi and partaking of the Yo! Majesty Diamond Jubilee package; you get a glass of Prosecco, a ‘diamond encrusted’ dessert and a souvenir plate to take home, all for £7.50
I can confirm that this is delicious – like a posh arctic roll with fresh fruit and edible bling, but light as a feather
Written by Johanna Payton