The pop posse go all movie star on us

Have you heard about the latest fashion? Musicians have turned into actors. All of ’em. Their videos are mini Hollywood blockbusters all of a sudden. And they have to release trailers for their latest “business ventures”. Well, they don’t have to, but it’s all the rage.

The Killers started it, with a trailer for new album Battle Born. Then Lana Del Rey (she of hi-top trainer fame) got in on the act with a trailer announcing her seven minute (!) National Anthem video, in which she wears some fantabulous 60s fashion and pretends to be Jackie O (or something). And even good old Noel Gallagher is onboard: The video for Everybody’s on the Run stars Mischa Barton – in her (leopard print) pants.

Have a peep at some of the best and see what you think…

Let’s start with the Killers, because judging by the little glimpses you get, yer man Brandon Flowers is looking particularly scrummy at the moment.

And here’s Lana Del Rey being the first lady – I want all the clothes from this video (please).

Mumford and sons have just posted a rather cryptic trailer for their new album (possibly?) with a vintage tea party theme.

Here’s Noel, with Mischa pounding the streets in bra and pants.

And of course the Twihards, aka Muse. The trailer for The 2nd Law has a birra dubstep going on – in reality we all know the new album will sound like Queen, right?

Written by Johanna Payton