Anne Hathaway wears gold Gucci to the Dark Knight Rises London premiere (and we make off with something huge)

So begins three days of Batmania, folks (watch this space). Today, to mark the start of the seven week summer break, I whisked El into the West End after school to catch a glimpse of the Dark Knight Rises premiere in Leicester Square…

In all the years I’ve lived in London I’ve never been to scream behind the barriers at a film premiere, let alone one as hyped up as the third and final instalment in Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy. Christian Bale, Tom Hardy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Morgan Freeman and Marion Cotillard were all on the guest list (wot no Gary Oldman??) but I was most stoked about getting a first glimpse of gorgeous Anne Hathaway (aka Catwoman) on the red carpet.

Anne sizzles in the rain, wearing a loose fitting glitter gold Gucci dress with embellishments at the neckline

I won’t lie to you, the Leicester Square experience might be glam if you’ve got a ticket (or you’re wearing a delicious, sparkly gold Gucci dress like our Anne was), but for the ordinary punters, all that leaning against barriers in the rain is not much fun.

We waited three hours for a glimpse of the stars, but it was worth it to see El’s face light up every time the Batman music boomed across the Square and a flaming bat sign made the kiddies squeal. And we got a wee treat to take home too…

El is not impressed with the “backstage view” – but at least he’s dressed for the occasion
Even the shoes are Batman stylee (they are in the sale at Debenhams for £28 should you wish to indulge)
Batman prepares for the red carpet
The crowds assemble – when we arrived at 3pm they had already closed off the viewing area
The massive Batman head is worth a look if you’re in town right now
Alex Zane takes to the stage to interview cast members (good job he brought his brolly)
Rumour has it, Joseph Gordon-Levitt steals the show
El’s theory is that his character will turn into Nightwing (?)
Beautiful pixie-cropped Ms Hathaway has a giggle with Alex
After all that excitement, “Gotham’s Guardian” takes an ice cream break – the tee is from George @ Asda
And look! We got a “little” souvenir
Run El! Run! How we got this home on the tube I will never know, but huge thanks to the lovely policeman who gave in to my eyelash batting and used his penknife (!) to free it from the barrier so we could make off with it
Here it is – back in Tooting
Jumping for joy: It’s the best poster ever, innit. We can’t wait to see the Dark Knight Rises in IMAX on Friday afternoon – Bat-tastic!

Written by Johanna Payton