Comic Con London: It’s all about the Cosplay

In my house there are two obsessions; fashion and comic books. My eight year old son spends most of his time in a Spidey one-piece and hails Sheldon Cooper as his hero. Most children who dare to enter our domain are dressed as Spider-Man/Batman/Superman/The Flash/Hulk within minutes of crossing the threshold. My 34-year-old partner has a glass case full of DC Comic heroes and villiains (not real ones – models) that he keeps in the corner of my office; when E’s friends come to visit they literally stand and drool, gazing longingly at the lock. Thank God geek is the new chic.

When we go to London Comic Con our interests collide. The boys get cheapies over comics, toys and full grown men dressed as Storm Troopers. I run around stalking the likes of Karl Urban and excitedly snapping the lady cosplayers in all their OTT costume glory. (If you don’t know what Cosplay is, it’s basically taking fancy dress way too far – which is something I wholeheartedly endorse.)

Next year, I have promised El that I will dress as Catwoman to his Batman. I’m pretty sure that if you dress as the feline superbaddy over the age of 40, you get arrested, so (tragically) I need to get in there quick. If ever there was a reason to keep track of the blog over the next 12 months, surely the photographic evidence resulting from such a spectacle is it? And in the meantime, here are a few highlights from this year’s July 6th – 8th event at Olympia, London….

Cosplayers don’t just dress up, they get into character, as this lady Dalek (right?) shows – on the day there was a Doctor Who who had David Tennant’s mannerisms down to such a fine art it was freaking me out
Not sure who this lady is, but she must have taken hours to get ready (and I saw someone at Fashion Week dressed rather similarly, as it happens)
I know this one – the tardis!
I thought this was Jean Grey from X Men, but El tells me it’s Black Widow from Avengers (I’ve Googled, he’s right)
That’s not a cosplayer – that’s Hayden Panettiere (in a purple hat). She was signing autographs (blame Heroes) at the event
Buffy star Anthony Head was in attendance too along with John Simm, Freema Agyeman and Karl Urban (who was squirrelled away behind screens to protect him from loons like me)
As well as celebs and dresser uppers, there was some fashion – I fell in love with this gear: Skirts and dresses made using retro duvet covers = genius
And the hand-painted Converse are all kinds of cool
The simple Doctor Who Police Box style is probs my fave
And no visit to Comic Con would be complete without screaming at…
…an actual Batmobile. OMG indeed.

Written by Johanna Payton