Lady Antebellum London July 2012

Since Gary Barlow and Cheryl Cole murdered sang Need You Now at the Diamond Jubilee concert, Lady Antebellum’s big hit has been back in the charts. In case you’re not familiar, here’s how it should sound:

Last night, I had the pleasure of seeing the real deal at Hammersmith Apollo in London. Now I ain’t jumpin’ on no Barlow/Cole bandwagon; regular readers know that I’m a country-lovin’, cowboy-boot-wearin’, line-dancin’ gal and this was actually the second time I’ve seen Lady A live (the first being their debut UK gig at Shepherd’s Bush Empire last August).

From Hilary Scott’s crazy sky high heels to Charles Kelley’s impressively neat beard, this Nashville outfit sure do it for me. The three part harmonies soar, the chemistry between the trio and their band (which includes Hilary’s hubby on drums) is infectious and the genuine warmth they impart to the fans is a delight to be part of. I might get in trouble as I was there as a plain old guest, not in a press/work capacity, but I just had to take some pics and a little vid to share with you, so you can see/hear how special they are for yourselves. Enjoy…

Charles leads proceedings looking all-American in double denim
Sometimes it’s hard to believe they’re not a couple (they’re definitely not)
Hilary’s heels were high, y’all – but Charles is so tall I guess a girl needs some stilts to stand next to him all night
I won’t lie to you; Charles is a big draw for the ladies – and his voice is like hot honey on burnt bagels
Nice tat on the bicep: Charles signed the England flag a fan gave him on stage – these guys love their British fan base
A tender moment: Lady A supported Bruce Springsteen in Hyde Park, you know
Charles gets in there with the crowd

And this is exactly why you should see Lady Antebellum live (watch out for the shaky close-up on Hilary’s heels):

Lady Antebellum’s third album, Own the Night, is out now (and it’s aces).

Written by Johanna Payton