Styling school fair fashion

Yes indeedy: I look madder than usual.

That’s one for the family album.

And this is a deffo a post for the “parenting in style” category (what kind of style is debatable). Let me explain…

Yesterday was the school summer fair and rather than manning the Pimms stall, as I’ve merrily done for the past few years, I was asked to lend my styling credentials (?) to the instant photo shoot station.

What fun, man! We threw together a pile of wigs, hats, sunglasses, costumes and my jackets (the kids thought they were maddest of all) and let the little people run riot. With a little wig fitting and fashion advice for me (emphasis on “little” – didn’t want to cramp their style) the children looked fabulous dressed as Batman, mini rock stars, crazy hula girls….you name it. And I got to try on some of the funky fancy dress too.

See, you can turn anything into a fashion-fest.

The classroom book bag and packed lunch stands were turned into my styling trolleys for the afternoon
Me, a small assistant and the Jack White hi-tops (have you heard the song “Is Your Love Big Enough” by Lianne La Havas? Everytime I wear those shoes I sing the “I scream” bit in my head, but change the words to “ice creams”. Thought those of you who use the same phrase for new white trainers might like that.)
Written by Johanna Payton