Sundae Jazz at The Foundry, Camden

It wasn’t all doom and gloom yesterday; in between the ridiculously heavy rain showers, and Andy Murray’s crushing defeat, we managed to have a rather random (and excellent) Sunday.
It started with a mad morning at London Comic Con (more of that to come this aft) and then we hit trendy ol’ Camden in North London for the launch of the weekly Sundae Jazz event at The Foundry

Situated in the same venue as The Forge Music and Arts Venue, The Foundry is a modern food and cocktail venue with a cultural twist. It’s got a “village hall” feel, although the cosmopolitan families we encountered were far from twee. The weekly Sundae Jazz session is aimed squarely at hip parents and their kids, with free, jazz-inspired entertainment between 12:30-2pm, a delicious brunch and lunch menu and fantastic ice cream sundaes.

A strawberry sundae is what British summers were made for
Thanks to a high, glass-panelled gallery, and a living wall, the laid back jazz session is a perfect summer activity for families whatever the weather, with a small but sufficient kids menu and attentive staff. I will warn you though; this is not a destination for unruly kids. Thankfully, El (8) is sublimely well-behaved, but I think some of the kids I know would struggle to sit quietly drawing while the jazz fills the space; if you have a spirited toddler, this is perhaps not the place. 
But the food was good and not too pricey (we paid around £46 including service for three plates, three sundaes and my obligatory cocktail), and  it’s a great place to go if you’re a funky parent yearning for a fashionable Sunday venue. See for yourself…
In cool-as Camden, The Foundry is a bar blending arts, entertainment and a British food and cocktail menu
It’s a smart, modern bar with a very arty vibe
There’s an emphasis on music (and jazz) throughout
The living wall adds colour and a fresh, splash of summer – even if it’s pouring outside
The Sundae Jazz crowd assemble – this was the launch of the event, but it is set to run every weekend
The boys take to the table, right in front of the stage – as you’ll see, Spider-Man came dressed for the weather, in his wellies
…and I came dressed for cocktails (of course!) – I’m wearing the vintage dress I swooped on at the “Just my Cup of Tea” party and swish
My neon pink skull ring is just £2 in the Accessorize sale
I asked our waitress for her recommendation on the cocktail and she duly served the very British (and refreshing) Tea on the Lawn with jasmine-infused gin, cucumber, lime, basil, sugar and soda – cocktails are two for £10 every day here until 8pm
The music is the main event – and it came courtesy of Kaz Simmons, a South London-based singer, guitarist and songwriter who treated us to original material from her new album, Dandelions, and gorgeous interpretations of classics like Feeling Groovy and Moon River
Kaz’s album has received airplay on BBC Radio 2, 3, 6 Music and BBC Radio London, where my lovely friend and broadcasting guru, Jo Good, is a fan. Have popped a video at the foot of this review if you want to hear her for yourself
And to go with the sounds? Grub. I opted for a light plate; the starter portion of chicken liver pâté with red onion marmalade and toast
The grapes, celery and gherkin were a good touch for the taste buds
The man of the house went for something sweet, brunchy and meaty: French toast with streaky bacon and maple syrup – cor
Get drizzling Matt! Naughty, but nice
And for the young man, fish and chips from the kids menu
El saw off his mighty portion – bit disappointed that the chips weren’t homemade and the batter was slightly soggy, but he wolfed it down nonetheless
Sunday chip-fest for Spidey
El takes a break after his main to read his (dad’s) new comic book; if you’ve got kids who are happy to sit and chill, this is a brilliant place for a weekend brunch. All the kids in attendance (and nearly every table was taken by a family) were similarly serene. This would never happen in Tooting. Perhaps it’s a North London thing?
The Jazz Sundae would not have been complete without, erm, the sundae: I just *had* to have the Diamond Jubilee made with clotted cream ice cream, meringue pieces and fresh strawberries. It tasted as heavenly as it looks
The topping is blue curacao “diamonds” (sales of blue curacao – or Blue Bols where I come from – must have sky-rocketed this year, thanks to HRH)
M opted for the Coffee Passion: Coffee ice cream, Amaretto biscuits and white chocolate sauce
And ol’ toothless had the kids’ chocolate sundae (I wonder if he’ll ever make it through a weekend without some form of food beard?)
I didn’t hold back either, to be fair – one of the best sundaes I’ve ever had. We will be back at this event again I’m sure (even if it ruins my waistline!)
And if you’re wondering what this event sounds like, here’s a little taste of Kaz Simmons:
Written by Johanna Payton